We are proud to work closely with all our clients, imparting knowledge to help them deliver exceptional results with lasting impact. We always try to deliver our best so it’s always great to get positive feedback.

“Working at the highest levels of the education service and professional football for the past 25 years Peter has received both national and international recognition for his work with young people and senior management. Over many years he has acquired a portfolio of achievement in academia, practical coaching and more importantly leadership. His standards and attention to detail single him out as an outstanding leader in the progressive world of business development.”

Jim Cassell, Manchester City Football Academy

“Inspirational, charismatic and enlightening, Pete Lowe offers solutions with a fresh perspective based on years of work at the very top of his profession. A true thinker and a natural communicator, Pete always expresses his ideas in a manner that prompts discussion, thought and involvement. His enthusiasm and knowledge instantly impressed me and over the last few years I’ve come to appreciate just how highly regarded he is by his peers for his skills and his ability to consistently deliver impressive results.”

James Cooper, Sky Sports News

“Needing to build a team, sustain a team or motivate a team? Pete Lowe’s presentations provide an excellent basis on which to develop that crucial group of people. His presentation for my team was entertaining, full of good advice with sporting anecdotes to keep the audience engaged. More importantly, each person left with ‘food for thought’ and ideas to develop. Pete comes highly recommended; this could well be the type of presentation you need for your team!”

Gillian Winter, Principal, Connell Sixth Form College

“Pete Lowe has a deep understanding of what motivates individuals and the importance of nurturing talent. He’s spent his career shaping the lives of others and helping them to reach and fulfil their potential. From working with the best, Pete’s become one of the very best – a natural born communicator who will make you, like me, think in different directions to find new solutions. Whether he’s presenting or problem-solving Pete will open your eyes to fresh possibilities.”

Matthew Himsworth, Himsworth Legal

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