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With leadership comes responsibility, and responsibility isn’t reserved to a single person. Historically, both on and off the pitch, teams who experience sustained success are those in which everyone recognises the value of their role and the importance of stepping up to the plate. The All Blacks coined a really compelling phrase ‘One captain, 15 leaders’.


Pete’s experience of Premiership football is backed by a phenomenal CV that includes the creation of 39 first team footballers, 25 international players, 13 European tournament wins, an U15 Championship World Cup and the FA Youth Cup. His style is direct, refreshing, void of jargon and acronyms, but gets right under your skin and to the heart of the matter.

First Team’s services include:


  • Tailored programmes designed to meet the needs of leadership teams across all sectors, from SMEs to multinationals
  • Organisation-wide programmes developed to support whole teams at every level
  • Transformation programmes to lead the delivery of change agendas
  • 1-1 coaching and mentoring on a retained basis


Programmes are co-created with the client and designed using a range of formats, from 1-1 coaching sessions and group workshops to large-scale presentations. Given Pete’s ability to address a half time team talk and create remarkable results in a high pressure environment, expect the experience to be interactive, high energy and tackle key issues head on to enable momentum and create lasting, measurable change.


Programme modules focus on, but aren’t limited to exploring the following key components:


Understanding your motives

Examining what makes you tick as a leader, what drives you and how this affects the way you lead. It also includes consideration of aligning your personal needs for career satisfaction with behaviour that contributes positively towards organisational goals.


Your leadership and team intentions

Finding out what results you are looking for and how you are defining success, using First Team’s ‘Four Tests of Intent’.


Living your values

Reflecting on your core values and asking if you consistently embody them and integrate them into your work. We also explore whether teams truly live the values and share them as a single entity.


Creating your leadership style

Taking time to identify your natural approach to leadership in the context of the six key leadership styles, and how to adapt this appropriately in different scenarios.


Leveraging your skills

Enhancing your leadership toolbox by looking at specific skills such as setting your standard of performance, taking responsibility, providing clarity, managing the maverick and using ‘feed-forward’ as opposed to ‘feedback’ communication


Moving to improve

Sustained success is in the continuous acquisition of marginal gains. We look at learning opportunities, goal setting and the cycle of continuous improvement. We explore how to use breakthroughs to elevate standards, becoming ‘masters’ of your market as well as recovering from setbacks.


All programmes are supported by bespoke literature and presentation material and followed up with tailored handbooks to provide insightful observations and valuable tools to draw on as learning collateral.


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