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Leading the way to success

First Team’s Leading the way to success modules help leaders understand how they can make a stronger personal contribution towards team and business success.

As a leader, you are key to your team’s success – and your organisation is depending on you to get results. If you’re also responsible for other leaders, the pressure is even greater.

But sometimes, success can be elusive. You’re putting in the hours and the effort, but you’re not seeing that lift in performance that’s going to make a difference to the business. Your team just doesn’t have that spark, that commitment.

What can you do to turn things round?

Change starts with you. You’re the leader. No matter how complicated the environment you’re operating in, there’s one thing you do have complete control over: yourself. Change the way you behave, and you’ll change the way your team behaves.

These modules take you step-by-step through the process of understanding why you act as you do and how your leadership style is setting the tone for everything that happens within your team.

Working with Pete Lowe either one-to-one or in a group workshop format, you start to see why you behave in particular ways; how this might be helping or hindering your efforts to achieve more with your team; and what the impact is on the business as a whole.

You’ll then explore what changes you can make in order to achieve greater success, faster.

Pete has a knack of cutting to the chase so people see clearly why they behave in particular ways and understand the effect that behaviour has on others. His approach is practical and forward-looking, giving you a toolbox of ideas and approaches you can use immediately.

The programme

There are six Leading the Way to Success modules. Pick individual modules, or, for the most comprehensive approach, work through the complete programme with Pete. One-to-one in-depth sessions take 2 to 3 hours per module. Groups can cover the full six modules in a single one-day workshop.

Your Leadership Motives

What’s really behind how you act as a leader?

We’re all driven by a mix of motives. Do you want power to further your own interests? For the greater good?  Are you motivated by achievement? By knowing you’ve helped? By being busy? By winning external recognition? These and a wide variety of other motives direct how we behave on a day-to-day basis as leaders, because they dictate what give us leadership satisfaction.

With this module, you discover your own personal leadership motives and explore how these affect the way you lead. The session ends with a consideration of how to align your own personal needs for job satisfaction with behaviour that contributes positively towards the organisation’s goals.

Your Leadership Intentions

What results are you looking for?

Clear intentions are critical: you can only succeed if you have defined what success is. This module helps you clarify exactly what your goals are and how your team can help you achieve them, using Pete’s ‘Four Tests of Intent’:

  • Do you know what you want to achieve and how you will get there?
  • Do others know what you want to achieve and how they can help you get there?
  • Are you allowing scope for others to make choices and decisions within their own areas of responsibility?
  • When should you intervene in team disputes that might be blocking progress – and what will happen to your relationship if you do?

Know where you’re heading and keep a clear focus on it, and you’ll find people will pull together towards the shared vision.

Living your Leadership Values

Do you understand and live your values?

We’re all influenced by our own personal value sets, but we don’t always take a conscious decision to put them at the heart of our actions as leaders.  That matters.

First, because when we integrate them into our work, we’re at our happiest and most effective.

Second, because when we demonstrate our values through our actions, our teams follow our lead. Teams with shared values bond more closely and work better as a unit. Lead by example, and you have the power to make sure those shared values reflect your own.

Third, because we need to understand our own values fully in order to understand other people’s and so get the best from them.

In this module, you first identify and reflect on your own core personal values. You then think about how far you live those values in your work, and whether you there are changes you could make that would strengthen your effectiveness as a leader and manager.

Creating your Leadership style

Do you know what your natural style is – and how to adapt it when needed?

The environment we create as leaders has a direct influence on the success of our workforce. This module takes you through six leadership styles and helps you identify where your predominant leadership style lies.

You then spend time looking at the other styles, discovering how the best leaders choose the style to use according to circumstances.

Finally, you move on to exploring how you can adapt your own style in order to be more effective.

Factors contributing to performance outcome

What leadership skills do you need to add to your personal toolbox?

In this module, you can choose to focus on any of a number of specific leadership skills.

Possible areas for discussion include:

  • Flexibility
  • Taking responsibility
  • Setting standards
  • Giving rewards
  • Providing clarity
  • Using “feed forward” and “feed back” communication
  • Managing the maverick employee

It’s a chance to look in detail at how you can use seemingly small changes in your approach to make big improvements to team results.

Moving on

How do you keep making progress?

Successful businesses are consistently learning from what happens, identifying new challenges, and setting fresh objectives.

This module looks at how to evaluate and reflect on progress and how to move to the next step.

It also covers five key topics that are essential learning when it comes to maintaining progress:

  • Using breakthroughs to elevate standards further
  • Becoming the “masters” of your market
  • Creating an environment of “One boss” and “a team of leaders”
  • Understanding “cycles of change”
  • Recovering from setbacks


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