Creating success built on integrity

How far do we ever understand others, friends, business partners or those who we wish to become just that? In developing our lives do we pay enough attention as to how we are perceived by others and consequently how our business is equally viewed? From the outset is it a consideration that stakes a claim for importance in our own make-up?

Amy Rees Anderson talks frankly about a society where an acceptable school of thought is viewed through the phrase of “the end justifies the means”. As I have embarked upon a new venture in my work life I have posed myself three simple questions, which can also be seen as simple tasks, namely:

  • How well do I understand others that I know, wish to know better or who I wish to develop partnerships with?
  • How quickly can I do this?
  • How can I achieve it?

I seek to lay down strong foundations and create a healthy network of partners, friends and acquaintances. Some of these acquaintances may go on to become friends. Anderson quotes Warren Buffet, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway who simply stated “in looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don’t have the first one, the other two will kill you”.  What is it then that our integrity can demonstrate to others? What simple yet genuine qualities will it demonstrate?

  • That it is genuine
  • It includes loyalty
  • It does not deliberately let others down
  • It will respect your values and try to understand you
  • It will seek to share its knowledge
  • And help you to build yours

In demonstrating integrity it is also fare to have expectations of others. I would wish for others to:

  • Demonstrate an interest in me
  • Be comfortable with me and feel that they can share a smile with me
  • Be frank with me
  • Challenge me
  • Probe me
  • Be comfortable in asking for my help

It is a genuine wish that my company evolves demonstrating such simple qualities and that in doing so it helps to find answers to the three simple questions I have posed of myself. Anderson stated that those who seek fast yet momentary results can do so but they may come at an incredibly high price and with far reaching consequences when done so with a lack of personal integrity. My new company seeks trust as its partner. Please feel free to comment on this blog.

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