Creating a Culture that Enables People to Challenge The Accepted

Hierarchical organisations where the power dynamic is inherently ‘top – down’ are pretty widespread. Creating consistency of culture and clear lines of responsibility are helpful but, in order to grow and achieve your full potential,Read more

Setting the pace as a headteacher – from the pitch to the classroom

by Emmanuel Botwe, Headteacher at Tytherington School.  I’ve been in post as headteacher of Tytherington School in Macclesfield since September 2015 and I’m learning that it’s a role that requires a balancing act of greatRead more

Paving the way for sustained success

There is a difference between becoming a championship team and a championship club. Sometimes it’s possible to stumble across success, like a happy accident of sorts. When you find your company, team or organisation (becauseRead more

Rising strong after setbacks

All about mindset Life is a rich tapestry of ups and downs. Riding the waves of success is all very well but the test of character comes with how you manage obstacles to success. WithoutRead more

Pete Lowe teams up with Tytherington School to create and sustain winning mindsets

In an educational landscape that is subject to increasing scrutiny and pressure, leadership has never been more in the spotlight. A study by Harvard Business Review recently exposed a potentially distorted reward criteria for headteachers,Read more

The power of the changing room – know your team

Too many leaders exist in ivory towers, or at least enclosed offices that separate them from their teams. If you want to know what’s really going on you need to be part of those conversationsRead more

Human performance: the fuel on the pitch and the boardroom

In human performance every second counts. Football and business are both very demanding high-pressure environments, where human performance is at the crux of success or failure.  Every second counts in ‘the beautiful game’ and theRead more

Interview: former Manchester City coach Pete Lowe, founder of First Team Ltd

Pete Lowe

This article appeared on BDAILY on 25th January 2016. By Richard Bell. With the Beautiful Game forming such a prominent part of the North West’s identity and culture, I was eager to speak to theRead more

Creating lines of success

You’re only as good as your last game. That’s something you’ll commonly hear in football but it’s equally relevant in business when it comes to performance. The fact is that creating success is challenging enough,Read more

Creating a movement for change to counter the toxic disease of complacency

You might think there are limited parallels between Premiership football and the boardroom, but you’ll struggle to find an arena where performance is under greater scrutiny than in world-class football. Few business leaders will beRead more

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