Creating a movement for change to counter the toxic disease of complacency

You might think there are limited parallels between Premiership football and the boardroom, but you’ll struggle to find an arena where performance is under greater scrutiny than in world-class football. Few business leaders will beRead more

Finding success – a game of inches

In the world of top-level competitive sport people talk about winners and losers. Everybody remembers a winner but it’s often difficult to remember the loser. Is it so simple to refer to winning and losingRead more

Creating success built on integrity

How far do we ever understand others, friends, business partners or those who we wish to become just that? In developing our lives do we pay enough attention as to how we are perceived byRead more

Having a game plan – and a Plan B

Preparing for competition, in football terms an important game or in business terms facing the directors for a critical meeting in the boardroom, requires carefully preparing for the future. Having a ‘Plan B’ or aRead more

Creating the right work environment

For young competitors to develop and progress in the highly competitive world of professional sport creating an appropriate environment for development is vital. But what does it take to create that environment where people canRead more

Motivation and the teaching environment

In an age of intense scrutiny of teaching standards in our schools and a seemingly endless pursuit of achieving national targets it may seem unsurprising to some that the ability of our teachers to maintainRead more

Managing the maverick employee

The team environment often identifies individuals different from the rest. They may be very talented with skills for a level of performance way above other team members because every field has Individuals who are capableRead more

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