Creating a Culture that Enables People to Challenge The Accepted

Hierarchical organisations where the power dynamic is inherently ‘top – down’ are pretty widespread. Creating consistency of culture and clear lines of responsibility are helpful but, in order to grow and achieve your full potential,Read more

Leading in a Brave New World

By Emmanuel Botwe, Headteacher, Tytherington School It would be an understatement to say that school leaders are conscious of the emphasis on results in the current education climate. League tables and Ofsted inspections are part ofRead more

Boardroom or Changing Room? Fitting Company Philosophy Is Key

After 10 years, 266 appearances and five major honours at Manchester City, it appeared that Joe Hart’s fractious relationship with superstar manager Pep Guardiola would force the goalkeeper out of the club. Much is madeRead more

The DNA of a Winning Mindset

Bill Walsh said that “Winners act like winners before they are winners” which indicates that you have to assume the traits of someone who thinks, feel and behaves like they attract success in order toRead more

Setting the pace as a headteacher – from the pitch to the classroom

by Emmanuel Botwe, Headteacher at Tytherington School.  I’ve been in post as headteacher of Tytherington School in Macclesfield since September 2015 and I’m learning that it’s a role that requires a balancing act of greatRead more

Making an Emotional Connection – Communicating with Impact

As humans we are inherently emotional beings. Though we try to be rational and clear-headed, we’re a nebulous mass of thoughts and feelings which ultimately drive our decision-making and day-to-day habits – often unconsciously. TheRead more

Honesty is the best policy – the importance of authenticity in leadership

There’s a lot to be said for consistency. It might seem that frenetic, unpredictable behaviour is the work of genius but in reality you can’t lead a team effectively if nobody knows what to expectRead more

Change Shouldn’t Be the Elephant in the Room

Nothing stands still. We can deny it and cling to a false illusion that it’s somehow possible to pause time, but inevitably life is transient and things change. It’s how you hold change that’s theRead more

Paving the way for sustained success

There is a difference between becoming a championship team and a championship club. Sometimes it’s possible to stumble across success, like a happy accident of sorts. When you find your company, team or organisation (becauseRead more

Rising strong after setbacks

All about mindset Life is a rich tapestry of ups and downs. Riding the waves of success is all very well but the test of character comes with how you manage obstacles to success. WithoutRead more

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